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Long County Board of Commissioners

If at any time you need a replacement cart please contact the Commissioners Office and one will be delivered to your residence once your poly cart is empty.


Sanitation Charges for 2019

January _______________________________$156.00

February _____________________________ $143.00

March ________________________________ $130.00

April ___________________________________$117.00

May ___________________________________ $104.00

June ____________________________________$91.00

July _____________________________________$78.00

August _________________________________ $65.00

September _____________________________ $195.00





Long County Sanitation Ordinance states if you live in Long County it is mandatory that you have sanitation on your property. The cost for Sanitation is $156.00 annually and is prorated the first year. Once you have set up sanitation services the fee will be added to your property taxes each year. Sanitation service can be obtained at the Commissioners Office or by contacting Brandi Smiley at (912) 545-2143.

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